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Did You Just Waste a Good Crisis?

Join me to hear actionable lessons from the best teams I've worked with during the past year.
As tech leaders, we have to learn to refactor org debt regularly, or the team will grind to a halt.
Would you like to learn how to create Experience Acceleration in your team and unlock talent growth?
Coders Without Borders are one of the winning approaches to create a world-class engineering team. Wonder what are the rest?

Live Webinar

June 30, 2021
2:00pm Eastern Time


  • How to turn leaders from crutches to force multipliers
  • How organizational debt is manifesting in your team and how to refactor it
  • Why your people are gravitating too much towards tech and what you should do to correct it
  • Attendees will be able to ask questions during the session
  • Send questions in advance: [email protected]
  • Receive a free consulting call afterward
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Taught by Aviv Ben-Yosef

An advisor, coach, and consultant for executives and leaders throughout the tech industry. In his consulting business, he helped companies worldwide, ranging from day-old startups to Fortune 100 companies. By advising and coaching he helps his clients triple their Impact-per-Engineer.

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