Naming Matters

You might know the old adage about the only two hard things in computer science: cache invalidation and naming things. Sadly, we disregard the effort people have put into naming things properly and abuse them. The other day a barista asked me if I wanted some milk in my macchiato or just foam. I’m not […]

10x Engineering Teams

From time to time, people revisit the concept of ‘10x engineers’ and contemplate whether that is purely a mythical creature. Well, having witnessed such engineers and teams in the past several times, I know the answer, and in this article, I’ll attempt to list some of the team concepts, processes, and skills that enabled those […]

Communicating Ambiguity

It feels like it should go without saying that startups always entail a healthy dose of uncertainty. It should come with the territory, right? However, for a few years as the tech industry skyrocketed, startups became ‘too’ secure. As it was so easy to raise money, it was rare to see startups closing. That resulted […]

CTO Agenda

Many tech leaders tell me they feel adrift. Instead of deciding where they’d like to go today, they are shoved here and there based on whatever issues the day brings. In what feels like a nod to Douglas Adams’s writing, they are leaders being led by their calendars and interruptions. You can take the lead […]

Tech Executive Alignment

In another effort to open the kimono, here is another key part of effective executive coaching. Many tech leaders find it hard to decide what behaviors they should be working on personally. One diagnostic measure that is effective in helping them realize what their “defaults” are and what to focus on to grow as leaders […]

Team Rehabilitation

Sometimes, you realize you’re in charge of a team that’s burned out, lacking trust, or in a rut. Perhaps you joined the organization or had to step in for a leader who left. It could also be that you had a part in that. If you choose to tackle it instead of closing your eyes […]

Tech Leadership Skills for 2024

Everyone is short on time, and senior leaders are especially so. That makes investing in your personal growth much harder. Whatever you spend your time on, it better be worth it because you’re probably not going to be doing a lot and don’t have time to spare. With that in mind, I decided to write […]

Debugging Management

A recurring theme I’ve seen lately is executives being unhappy with the performance of their management teams. Unsurprisingly, with most startups slamming the brakes on hypergrowth, leaders have now become more aware of gaps in their organization’s foundation. Having forgotten that management is a profession, now you’re facing a rude awakening. Here are the seven […]

Lifting Lethargic Leaders

You can imagine I get to hear from many executives and leaders about their challenges and issues. Specifically, whenever someone shares a challenge that’s not obvious, I try to make a mental note and reach out after a few months. I love “closing the loop” and hearing how things were resolved in the real world. […]


Creating genuine autonomy in your startup nowadays is vital for any leadership team that aims to achieve something remarkable. Nevertheless, I will not be exaggerating if I say I find it in less than 25% of the companies I talk to. You might think you’re leading an autonomous team where, in fact, you merely have […]