The Superposition Leadership Fallacy

Advice often heard is that one should refrain from making decisions until absolutely necessary. The logic behind it is that by keeping your options open, you will be able to make the “right” decision, as opposed to prematurely committing to a suboptimal choice. Sounds good, right? However, it’s often the wrong thing to do, especially […]

Bespoke Culture: Tailoring Your Organization

Leaders nowadays are suffering from a lot of FOMO and a constant urge to keep up with the Joneses, if you will. You see what others are doing and feel like you’re supposed to be doing the same or feel bad about not doing so. Inundated with Twitter threads, Medium posts, conference talks, or books […]

Taking Empowerment Too Far

I don’t think I ever came across a manager or executive who claimed that micromanagement is a good thing in all my years in the industry. Everyone knows that the “right” thing is to let your people have autonomy. As a senior executive, you likely already know that you shouldn’t be too involved in day-to-day […]

Righting The Ship

For someone specializing in making R&D organizations accelerate delivery dramatically, there’s nothing easier than being called in when the team faces a clear obstacle. When you look, and you see that there’s an iceberg ahead, there’s not a lot of novelty required: you put all your might and attention to fix that glaring problem, and […]

Choosing Your Battles

Often, you notice these things while you’re doing something else and do a double-take. You’re glancing over emails trying to find a thread, and notice an update someone made. Maybe you saw a conversation in a Slack channel you rarely read. It can even be a sentence uttered in the hallway. But there’s no escaping […]

Stop Focusing on Tech Debt

Much like we would stage an intervention, if a friend were obsessed with maxing out credit cards, we should stop focusing all developer attention on tech debt. There is a limit to the amount of debt that could be cleaned, but innovation is boundless. Let’s talk about spending some developer attention on amassing tech capital: […]

Impact Without Burning Out

I go on and on about impact-per-engineer in organizations and how my mission is to help double and triple it for my clients. However, it seems like a significant portion of leaders in our industry cannot envision how this can come about without making engineers work “harder.” In fact, I believe that working less is […]

Maintaining Urgency

A challenge for all leaders of growing R&D organizations is maintaining a certain momentum throughout the ranks. Not to disregard the benefit of tools for measuring velocity, I have a hard time with its innate subjectivity. With time, teams face a stale velocity. I’ve discussed why we want to revisit our velocity in the past, […]

Time to Say Goodbye

A subject that many executives feel incredibly uncomfortable addressing is their ultimate departure. Nothing lasts forever. The average tenure of non-founding executives seems to revolve around three years. Yours might be a bit longer or shorter, but refusing to accept the fact that it will come to an end might just make things worse when […]

Personal Growth Targets for Senior Leaders

Constant personal growth is key to creating teams that are the best in the world and helping your employees fully utilize their potential and achieve self-actualization. In The Tech Executive Operating System, I recommend managers help their teammates set new personal growth targets every 2-3 months. Many executives and senior leaders are fine with this […]