Well-run R&D organizations can be magical

Leading your company’s engineering effectively is the most important contribution you can give your company.

With the right set of tools and guidelines, you can create highly autonomous delivery teams that make the impossible possible.

Do these sound familiar?

  • You suddenly become aware of a new initiative that you wish you were involved in earlier?
  • You just doubled your team, but velocity remained the same (or decreased)?
  • Your days are continuously packed with putting out new fires?
  • You feel like an impostor?
  • You’re unsure whether you are investing your time properly?
  • You keep rushing from meeting to meeting, enslaved to your calendar?
  • You find out about issues too late when people in the team could see it coming a mile away?
  • Are you not truly an executive, but more of a glorified manager?

It’s time for your personal upgrade

Written by Aviv Ben-Yosef, global advisor coach for tech leaders, The Tech Executive Operating System will provide you with the strategy, mindset, approaches, tools, and processes to forge your path and cultivate a world-class engineering team.

No one set out to lead an average team. Don’t settle. Begin your upgrade!

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What readers are saying…

“This is by far the clearest, most comprehensive short-and-sweet guide I’ve seen for people who transition in their career from an individual contributor/tech lead/Eng manager role into actual executive leadership roles in tech like CTO, or VP engineering/R&D. It lists all the pitfalls and the steps to change about yourself and the team culture as you become an executive responsible for your company’s entire performance. Aviv’s experience from dozens of clients shines throughout. Must read for anyone who is thinking of taking that step in their career.”

— Nimrod Priell, CEO, Cord

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