Life’s too short to lead an average team

While most startups devote the lion’s share of their budgets to R&D, many tech organizations have devolved into mere feature factories. They are content if they somehow manage to deliver what the roadmap says.

And now, things are getting even tougher, as you cannot rely on growing headcounts to solve your problems. You have to maximize the people you’ve got and learn how to create a tight-knit group that delivers without growing massively. Luckily for you, that’s the type of team I’ve been advocating for almost two decades!

Feature factories are cute, but you can do better.

Having worked with 100+ executives and hundreds of teams worldwide, I can tell you what sets the best apart and how you can get there as well.

đź’Ą Maximize ROI on R&D and capitalize on your technology
đź’Ą Foster an innovation powerhouse to dominate your market with abundant Tech Capital
đź’Ą Triple impact-per-engineer and create a world-class tech team
đź’Ą Transform R&D from a cost-center to an innovation-center
💥 Make sure that your executive team doesn’t get outgrown by the organization
💥 Create a Sentient Strategy® to move rapidly and align efforts to move the needle
đź’Ą Smash down all tech silos and cultivate Coders without Borders

Hi, I’m Aviv Ben-Yosef. I’ve been helping tech companies worldwide successfully tackle their most significant challenges–even on the first try.

I was completely new to a leadership position, and Aviv helped me transform over a period of a few months to have the tools I needed to drive forward success within my team and the company. His approach of truly immersing himself into the company meant the feedback/advice/goal-setting that he provided were incredibly valuable.

Ben Smith, Head of Product, Sharegain

Aviv has helped us re-architect our product development processes and guided us in forming cross-functional teams. Two quarters into working with him, we’ve seen fantastic improvement in aligning our development efforts with the desired business outcomes and with the ownership and agency of team members.
Moreover, Aviv has given us a great toolset to reflect and openly discuss our issues, so we’re confident that we’ll continue to get better.

Dror Weiss, CEO, Tabnine

I could not be happier with how Aviv has supported my business.

As a non-tech founder, I found myself in a position of project managing an external tech team, trying to hire a CTO, and also focusing on building the commercial side of the business. For me, Aviv supported and aided the decision-making process with CTO selection and dev company selection, he also translated my needs really well so that we onboarded the new CTO quickly and got them up to speed. Finally, as my role is evolving, he has given me extremely valuable advice on how to direct the great resources we have brought into the business and where I need to be involved in steering the product and development rather than driving it.
If you are a non-technical founder and have questions, worries, or concerns, make sure you talk to Aviv, he will increase your chances of being a success.
Dan Hudson, CEO, Gigl

With his knowledge from an extensive breadth of companies, Aviv brought context that you can’t get from any other single source.
He was very proactive in our meetings, suggested agendas that I didn’t think about, and forced me to focus on the bigger picture when I was comfortably escaping to the day-to-day details.
He also proved to be a very sharp thinker and helped me solve some issues I was grappling with in original ways.

Shai Ber, VP Engineering, EquityBee

Aviv helped me validate and fine-tune my skills as a leader. He was instrumental in building a framework to train future leaders in the company and set them up for success. Aviv brought experience and knowledge from different company stages, helping me prepare myself and the engineering organization for the future.

Roman Labunsky, VP Engineering,

We worked with Aviv from both the engineering manager’s point of view and the CEO’s point of view. Aviv helped us fine-tune our internal processes, finding gaps in the way we communicate so we can move faster and build a strong foundation towards the increase in the size of the R&D organization

Tal Kain, CEO, Velocity

Aviv will be with you in the trenches, whether through a painful growth period or when the delivery is not really delivering. He gets you unstuck and reminds you of the bigger picture. His vast experience and sharp mind combined with an eternal smile continue to help me in my journey. I’m sure there isn’t a single tech executive who won’t value this help.

Tal Maizels, VP R&D, FUSE Autotech

Armis has grown from a team of 20 engineers to a team of 130 engineers in three years. Scaling up means keeping the same level of execution, quality, culture, and more while growing, but it also requires continuous redefinitions of our roles as executives. Aviv has immensely helped me make this ongoing transition as a person who has the proper technical and managerial background and experience and understands how Armis works and what my role and aspirations are.

Aviram Cohen, VP R&D, Armis

Aviv’s experience enabled him to provide valuable insights that helped us improve delivery efficiency and, more importantly, our engineering department’s climate. His demeanor and communication skills are conducive to having calm, fruitful discussions on difficult and sometimes charged issues.

Christopher Akritidis, COO, Netdata

Aviv has an incredible capability to fly in all altitudes: from low-level engineering tactics high up to strategy and company culture. With his remarkable sensitivity to details and his coaching skills, Aviv helped us set the foundations of a truly empowered product team.

Nir Hemed, CTO & Cofounder, Daisy

Aviv is an expert in nailing down what needs improvement, both from a personal and from a process perspective. Even more so, he’s an expert at finding creative solutions for making teams and leads more productive, helping them reach their true potential, while doing so in the most sensitive, invested and caring way possible. A true professional!

Dana Geva, VP Engineering, Nexar

Aviv helped our executives rapidly implement changes in process and structure to support our growth in less than 90 days. His advisory role was significant in forging the path to improve the effectiveness of our R&D.

Ben Reuveni, CEO & Cofounder, Gloat

Aviv has been with us right since the beginning and has enabled our technical leadership to leap over all the usual mistakes. A necessity for every startup.

Idan Nurick, CEO & Cofounder, Paragon

We owe Aviv so much for his help over the years! Including among others architectural consulting and mentoring, he had extraordinary impact on the company. I’m sure we will work together again.

Elik Eizenberg, CTO & Cofounder, BigPanda
Aviv is a great professional that, with his unique and direct attitude, opens your eyes and helps you to get results. Aviv has both the experience and the ability to address complex situations in a respectful and constructive manner. He cares about your success (and the company success), which reflects in his availability and willingness to help at any time, and his commitment to making the most out of this engagement.
Dror Yosef, CDO & GM Israel, Fundbox

I brought Aviv to lead the architecture for a completely new project.
Bootstrapping a project is always hard, but bootstrapping a big project in big companies with local and remote stakeholders is harder.

Aviv was able to integrate quickly, take the lead on the project’s technical aspects, and build trust with lots of people by being pleasant, yet systematic, and very efficient. Aviv demonstrated professional leadership, which involved understanding the business domain, constraints, and risks of the project and defined a series of POCs to validate his approach. Following that, Aviv was able to create a buy-in for the technical architecture in all levels of the organization, knowing to create the right level of abstraction in communication.

Having Aviv in place allowed the project to start rolling independently of hiring efforts and allowed myself to focus on other growing paths of the organization.

Aviel Lazar, Director of Engineering, Chegg

Aviv added tremendous value to our company kickoff. His depth and breadth of experience coupled with his ability to deeply internalize a high level business direction quickly and synthesize it into potential technology directions is extremely helpful.

Navin R. Thadani, CEO, Evinced

Aviv worked on our system architecture project which will be a cornerstone of our software system in upcoming releases. Aviv was instrumental in tackling complex requirements and finding elegant future-proof solutions. He brings a unique combination of know-how and attitude, which makes working with him an extraordinary experience.

Ben Bloom, VP R&D, CathWorks

Aviv is amazing!

We’ve been working with him for the past 4 years and can’t imagine our lives without him.

His vast technological depth and overall team contribution is immense and extremely valuable. If only we could clone him…

Gil Hoffer, VP Software Development, Oracle

When Aviv is working with a team he doesn’t concentrate on producing great code by himself, but rather on making sure everyone on the team learns how to produce such code.

So I don’t only get a super elegant system delivered on time, even more importantly I get back programmers that have a new standard for what code craftsmanship is about.

Assaf Feldman, CTO, Riskified

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