2024 Leadership Livestream Package

Be the leader your team deserves
Participate in high-density, actionable sessions

As a VPE/CTO, you might feel alone. You rarely have tech peers in your company. How can you tell if you’re doing things correctly? What tells you the team is operating above or below average? How you you lead an organization that’s dramatically impactful and keeps on improving?

Life’s too short to lead an average team. However, what if you cannot afford a great coach? Are you doomed to try to pick tips up from Medium posts and books? Well…!

Based on the success of my free livestreams and feedback from attendees worldwide, I’ve compiled an offering that will be entertaining, challenging, and exactly what you need to be a leading tech executive in 2024. Let’s create a team worth leading.

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How does it work?

8 live-streamed sessions of about 40 minutes + Q&A over a period of 5 months.
Before each session, you’ll get prep materials and questions.
Recordings will be available if you can’t attend live or want to watch again.

What’s in it for you?

— Unique approaches and topics
— Invest in yourself and grow as a leader even if you are pressed for time/budget
— Remain ahead of the curve as your company moves forward and your organization grows
— Special pricing in case you’ll be interested in my other offerings

What are the topics?

  1. Balancing Teams: The Tech-Product continuum and how to get more product engineers, not principal engineers
  2. Being Part of the C-Suite: How to collaborate with your executive peers and speak business with your CEO/CRO
  3. Employee LTV: Creating an organization that maximizes ROI and growth
  4. Managing Innovation: Throw aside hackathons and introduce genuine innovation along with tools to decide when and how much to invest
  5. Internal Turbo Boost: “Engineering Velocity” applied to the rest of your company with your engineers’ super-powers
  6. Team Upgrades: How to rejuvenate a team that’s gotten slower/more mature/lacking urgency
  7. Coaching Framework: A field-tested approach to introduce tangible coaching goals for your ICs and managers
  8. Wildcard: TBD; participants will be polled for the most important topics

(Order might change)

How does it work?

Live streams will start in July 2024. 3 simple steps:
1. Invites and prep work will be sent in advance of each session
2.  Streams will take time around 4 pm CET / 10 am ET
3. Questions are welcome in advance, during the session, and after it to make sure you make the most of every session’s topic

I know from my clients how often people in your position constantly feel overwhelmed, lonely, or simply unsure of your decisions. Invest in yourself and get a boost of experience in a variety of topics based on my work with hundreds of leaders worldwide, two commercially published books, and millions of readers online.

Limited time offer: Sign up before June 15
for 50% off: $100 instead of $200

Purchase here. For any questions, reach out to Aviv directly.