Change Cadence

One of the things that “come with the job” for me is that many people approach me out of the blue and tell me what issues they’re currently struggling with. Some of those then get in touch again a few months later. Unfortunately, most report the same issues still being worked on with little to […]

Collaboration Patterns Part III: Hybrid

Following the previous parts of this series about colocated teams and remote-only companies, it’s time to get to the final and meatiest part: hybrid work. I’ve saved the best for last since I believe that hybrid is going to be the most used collaboration pattern in our industry in the years to come. Unfortunately, it’s […]

Collaboration Patterns Part II: Remote Only

Continuing on this series, this part will tackle remote-only work. Remote for many was a completely foreign idea up until a couple of years ago when lockdowns made it mandatory. Funnily enough, I believe most companies are better off going for full remote than most hybrid setups. Let’s see why. WFH WTH By this point, […]