Forming Alliances

Every senior leadership role gets lonely from time to time. It is natural and yet extremely exhausting. Even the most energetic people I worked with, when truly alone, see their resolve slowly abrade with time. I’ve got good news, though, you don’t have to accept this loneliness! First, I’ll start with my basic premise for […]

Pop Quiz: Objectives Inspection

This is an excellent time of the year to flush out a lot of faux processes. Less than two months have passed, and already I bet many of you have lost track of the fancy roadmaps, goals, or OKRs that you worked so hard on creating. Let’s quickly review your goals upkeep and assess how […]

People Over Processes

People are not software, no matter how hard we try. That means that some plans and approaches that might seem nice on paper are doomed even before you send the first Slack message to talk about them. It might seem trivial at first pass, but I routinely see people try and do things in a […]

Courage Over Fake Niceties

A malady across tech worldwide seems to be the sanctity of amicability, even at the cost of harming the work we came to do. Many people tend to avoid arguments, but I’m talking about something that takes this to a whole other level. We see leaders with nicely laid out copies of “Radical Candor” on […]