Choosing Your Battles

Often, you notice these things while you’re doing something else and do a double-take. You’re glancing over emails trying to find a thread, and notice an update someone made. Maybe you saw a conversation in a Slack channel you rarely read. It can even be a sentence uttered in the hallway. But there’s no escaping […]

Stop Focusing on Tech Debt

Much like we would stage an intervention, if a friend were obsessed with maxing out credit cards, we should stop focusing all developer attention on tech debt. There is a limit to the amount of debt that could be cleaned, but innovation is boundless. Let’s talk about spending some developer attention on amassing tech capital: […]

Impact Without Burning Out

I go on and on about impact-per-engineer in organizations and how my mission is to help double and triple it for my clients. However, it seems like a significant portion of leaders in our industry cannot envision how this can come about without making engineers work “harder.” In fact, I believe that working less is […]

Maintaining Urgency

A challenge for all leaders of growing R&D organizations is maintaining a certain momentum throughout the ranks. Not to disregard the benefit of tools for measuring velocity, I have a hard time with its innate subjectivity. With time, teams face a stale velocity. I’ve discussed why we want to revisit our velocity in the past, […]

Time to Say Goodbye

A subject that many executives feel incredibly uncomfortable addressing is their ultimate departure. Nothing lasts forever. The average tenure of non-founding executives seems to revolve around three years. Yours might be a bit longer or shorter, but refusing to accept the fact that it will come to an end might just make things worse when […]