Personal Growth Targets for Senior Leaders

Constant personal growth is key to creating teams that are the best in the world and helping your employees fully utilize their potential and achieve self-actualization. In The Tech Executive Operating System, I recommend managers help their teammates set new personal growth targets every 2-3 months. Many executives and senior leaders are fine with this […]

Helping People Quit

The biggest time-suck for my clients in the past few years certainly has to be hiring. It seems like every single company nowadays has dozens of open positions. That reality coupled with what is currently called “the great resignation” might make the concept of helping people quit crazy. However, I’ve seen companies spiral downwards when […]

Refactor: Extract Team

Growing organizations need to create new teams with time. This article covers some FAQs that I discuss in depth in The Tech Executive Operating System. Being aware of these questions and having answers ready will help you avoid some common pitfalls and set the new team up for success. Can you form a team before […]

Leveling the Bar

We all want to “raise the bar.” What does it actually mean, though? Assessing R&D organizations often shows a clear dichotomy: sometimes, we need to genuinely raise the bar. That means that a new capability or profession are lacking and require rapid injection. For example, the company suddenly realizes that it needs a mobile application […]