Soliciting Upward/Chutzpah Feedback

I love a good argument. Approaching decisions with a debate-like mindset that allows you to weigh and consider all options and their advantages genuinely is essential for coming up with novel ideas and not just going with your kneejerk reactions. For leaders, it is invaluable to hear from your team where you might be doing […]

Stop Being a Floating Leader

I recently talked with a cofounder CTO I have not spoken to in about two years. “What have you been up to?” I asked. Turns out—not much. Same team size, similar challenges, no advancement in the bigger picture challenges he had reached out to me years before. I cringed, imagining how I would have felt […]

The Most Important Partnership

One of the most common complaints I hear when coaching and advising tech executives is about Product. Either about the VP Product or individual product managers, it seems that we tend to criticize their professionalism and approaches quite a lot. They don’t know the product well enough. They don’t understand how software development works. They […]

Fostering Creativity In Engineering

I recently co-hosted a webinar about the intersection of creativity and tech with creativity strategist Natalie Nixon. While “creativity” is not a word used often when describing R&D organizations, “innovation” is. Deciding to put aside semantics and focus on the actual value, I will use creativity, innovation, and novelty interchangeably in this context. When companies […]