What Are You Waiting For?

A scenario I’ve seen several times is one where a person in a leadership position, after deciding and announcing they will be switching jobs, finally starts acting on things they’ve been procrastinating for months and sometimes even years. As if a huge weight has been lifted off their shoulders, they provide feedback, lay out plans, […]

Never Hear an Excuse Again

You’re sitting in a post-mortem or providing an employee some feedback during your 1:1. What follows all too often when you try and give feedback to someone with a technical background is a bunch of excuses. “I didn’t feel well.” “Product should have defined things better.” “No one else does it, either.” A cascade of […]

Over-Engineering Your Organization

Due to the motives and momentum that currently abound in the tech industry, most companies are in a constant state of growth. Every manager and exec has added “We’re hiring” to their LinkedIn tagline. With all this hiring going on, a very common pitfall I see for tech executives is to do Premature Organization. No […]

Fixing Your Decision Waffling

During the Second World War, the CIA created a short manual called Simple Sabotage. It had instructions on how citizens of enemy countries can take steps to harm their own governments’ efforts, in case they didn’t agree to their actions. While containing information about using inadequate tools, misplacing orders, and so on, it contains several […]