Tech Leadership: The Work Is Not the Work

Tech executives, especially those coming from a substantial hands-on background, naturally gravitate towards focusing on rote delivery. In my work, I often see clients toting grandiose roadmaps that boil down to “we will do what Product has asked,” but less succinctly. Of course, delivery is essential. If you don’t deliver, no one cares how nice […]

Stop Mediating

When smart people hear both parties separately and understand there’s a miscommunication, they can seldom stop themselves from intervening and helping them bridge the communication gaps. I have to fight this urge all the time when I’m sitting down at clients and interview several people. When a VP Engineering proudly describes having helped two directors […]

How to Demotivate Your Engineering Team in 10 Work Days

Your team starts a 2-week sprint. You have the sprint kick-off ritual, they commit to a bunch of tasks, and off you go. Putting aside the actual delivery of the tasks, ten workdays have gone by, and now you’re at the end of the sprint. You might have a quick retrospective ritual to come up […]

What If You Never Hire Senior Engineers?

What would you do if you were told you could not hire anyone with seniority? Oh, and that 90% of your employees would leave when they reach three years in the company? That might sound like an impossible task, but that pretty much how the technological units in the Israeli army work. I’ve served there […]