Wishful Leading

Imagine having an IC whose manager describes like so: Doesn’t follow up. Doesn’t communicate when things are taking longer than expected. Rarely even estimates and commits to a time frame. Cannot show tangible results over the past six months. Sounds terrible, right? I’m sure you wouldn’t want to thatperson’s manager. It sure doesn’t seem like […]

Stop Answering the Questions–Question the Questions

Having discussions with multiple tech executives every day, I get to see the kinds of questions they are spending their brain cycles on getting answers for. It might be questions that they are coming with to me, or that as we are sitting someone barges in with an “urgent” issue. Observing this, I notice the […]

Zero Trust Leadership

A common occurrence with technical people who have grown to leadership positions is to appear secretive and nontalkative. Whatever worked when you were a senior engineer doesn’t always map that well as you progress, and that becomes more acute the higher up you get. Reasons might include low EQ, being introverted, or merely thinking all […]

Help Your Team Become Grown-Ups: Not Everything is Fun!

As the tech industry keeps getting more and more bizarre and given the state of the market and extremely high demand for engineers, I keep seeing companies go at great lengths to coddle their teams. It’s one thing to create a work environment that people enjoy coming to, and that enables hiring great talent. It’s […]

Insanity Defined

Look back and consider what those things that a year ago you were set on seeing improvements on that you or your organization are still struggling with today are. Have you been working hard on issues without getting the gains you thought will manifest by now? Here are a bunch of examples I’ve witnessed my […]