First Class 1:1s

When assessing the general health of a new client, one of my most effective indicators is their regular personal feedback process. It starts with the plain question β€œhow do 1:1s work around here?” Why? Feedback is one of the greatest tools leadership has to get more of the good things, and less of the bad […]

Executive Operating System: Tracking Personal Initiatives

The tech executives I work with sometimes notice a vacuum when taking on their first senior leadership role. Up till a moment ago, every job they had was focused on delivery, even if at a distance as a team or group manager. They had sprints, deadlines, and so on. Leaders, though, tend (and should) work […]

The Many Upsides of an Employee Leaving

One of the most common issues I face weekly when advising my clients is handling employee-related matters. For every company, people leaving the organization is a natural occurrence that will be happening in a relatively consistent cadence. There’s no denying it will eventually occur. According to some reports, turnover in our industry is around 25% […]

Destroying Comfort Zones

When discussing ways to propel an R&D organization forward by increasing productivity and innovation, I usually advise my clients to stop doing what is too easy. Rarely do people come up with novel approaches when they are cruising along, not being challenged. Here are some ideas to go out of your comfort zone, either yourself […]