Watch Your Language

I’ve written (and spoken) about the overuse of cynicism in our industry before. It is an issue in general. However, there is a subset of scenarios where I think it harms less noticeably. I often notice this when advising at bigger organizations where people are not used to chatting with the executives and leadership often. […]

It’s Not Just First Impressions

How professionally you act during a transition is very telling, and frequently what people will remember most. Did you handle well having to fire someone or did you delegate it to someone without the proper skills and prep? When switching jobs or departments, did you attentively attempt to bridge the knowledge gaps and maintain a […]

Using the Power of a Tech Executive for Good

It’s always the case when there are no technical founders, and sometimes the case even when there are. The tech executives can sway big decisions this way or that because the CEO usually cannot tell whether their calls are justifiable. Should this business logic request truly require two months, making it irrelevant? Is it really […]

A Team Can Deliver 100% of Every Sprint and Still Be Underperforming

A common scenario with clients I advise is that R&D as a whole or a subset of it might at first seem to be functioning at a high capacity. Sprint after sprint, they mark all their Jira tasks as being done and move along to the next. They report low levels of technical debt. Everyone […]

Leadership Isn’t Waiting for Stars to Align

“It’s not the right time just yet.” “I know we have an issue with missing Ownership, but we’ll get to it after the next hiring wave.” “If we have some more time next quarter, it will be easier to start this change.” On and on, we are great at postponing changes. Yes, it would have […]