Why Your Managers Suck

Let’s face it. As natural as it is to have someone have a rough time when just starting a new job, an astounding percentage of team leaders and middle managers in tech are… underperforming. In an industry where the average tenure in a role is about 2.5 years, you cannot afford a year to learn […]

R&D Has Too Much Power in Startups

You know the scene: some sort of a planning meeting. Either deciding on a roadmap quarterly/yearly roadmap, or sprint planning. Product bring up something. “Hmm… that’s nice but will take at least 3 months.” *poof* “Is that really worth 3 sprints?” *poof* “It doesn’t make sense to do this before we refactor that component, and […]

Stop Thinking of R&D as a Cost Center

For years, in almost every Apple announcement, we get to glimpse the greatness possible with creative and innovative R&D teams. From performance improvements to glass cutting techniques to reduce glare. It is evident that these leaps cannot always be known ahead of time and are only possible thanks to innovative work. If you were to […]

Do Your Managers Really Want Agility?

You’d be hard-pressed to find a leader in a startup to say that software should be more rigid, that cycles are too fast, or that the trend towards agility is terrible. You’re likely thinking, “that’s crazy!” After all, we all know that quick iteration and the ability to change our minds are essential for moving […]