The Rambo CTO

Most good tech directors are also experienced technically. You may still be proud of the Good Ol’ Days when you used to burn the midnight oil and crank out amazing code, kinda Silicon Valley style. And as most experienced people can testify, we usually have a sense of how a certain project or task should […]

Yes, They Are Looking At You

Too often technological managers and directors disregard the impact their actions have on their teams. But even when you think they’re not, your employees are watching how you handle certain situations and infer the acceptable way to go forward. You might think that being senior means you can be late to an all-hands meeting, or that […]

Don’t Outsource Common Sense

Getting advice and recommendations from experienced people is a very smart move, and sometimes it can save you heaps of time, money and effort. But, you cannot lead if you defer every minor decision or technical question outside your team. It’s fine to consult another team that’s done something similar, yet not at the expense […]

Don’t Be Too Nice

There’s a discussion going on, Alice just described a very interesting solution to the problem at hand. You thought that things will wrap up now, but Bob has an idea as well. Of course that you let him start talking – everyone on the team value his opinion, and he usually has great inputs. But, […]