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the habitual innovation injection

Triple your team’s Impact-per-Engineer with an easy process that has been tested in tech companies of all sizes. Based on The Tech Executive Operating System!

is your team tired of mediocrity? would you like to see what made other executives say these things…?

“What a week! Why can’t the team be like this every week?”
“This is a bonanza and paid for all innovation time a year from now!”
“This was the most impactful change we’ve implemented in the past years.”
“I didn’t believe our team was capable of doing this.”


So many talented teams nowadays have come to terms with being a highly-paid Jira-resolving machine. Day in and day out, bright people sit down to churn on the next ticket. Weeks go by without feeling any achievement was made. What if you could do something that created genuine impact? Won’t you like to finish the quarter with tangible business-denting results? Habitual innovation efforts help manifest qualities that make R&D and everyone around them work better and laser-focused on results.


Engineering teams naturally want to improve and innovate. Without the proper processes and platforms, they gravitate towards the path of least resistance. They obsess over tech debt (are you one of those teams allocating 30% of their sprints to “lowering debt”?). They care about using the latest thing topping Hacker News, even if it doesn’t really provide any benefit to users. Teams get into a spiral of useless tech improvements, rewrites, and navel-gazing. What if you could direct their zeal and creativity towards the business? Imagine the compounding effect of having their shower thoughts be around product novelty and improvements and not the latest Node.js package.


Have you spent the customary two-day hackathon once or twice a year with nothing to show for it? Teams often end up with a lot of half-baked ideas, barely anything merged to production, and even what is done has no real significance. Wouldn’t you like to provide them with innovation time that has a tangible impact? What about allowing them to exercise their creativity more than two days a year? Habitual innovation in the form of intermissions has successfully created Tech Capital and made teams achieve world-class novelty.


No one set out to create and lead a team that’s just… average. Life is too short to spend years toiling without real challenge or self-actualization. You spend hundreds of hours hiring people and paying them a small fortune, only to have them become drones. Remember the times when each day felt like you were making real progress? Wouldn’t you like to relive those days? You, too, can lead a team that’s maximizing its potential. Regular innovation, coupled with remarkable Product Mastery, can feel like superpowers.

Introducing: The habitual innovation injection!

Supercharge your team’s effectiveness with tried and tested processes that cultivate long-lasting excellence. Teams claim higher motivation, better talent retention, and satisfaction. CEOs have reported 100% satisfaction.
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What you get:

  • An assessment of your current innovation level.
  • Introduction to introducing a Product Mastery crash course.
  • A process for kickstarting your first Intermission.
  • Availability in the weeks leading to it in order to maximize your team’s chances of success.
  • Retrospective after the first Intermission and tuning, followed by scheduling the next to maintain momentum.
  • Habitual Innovation!

Beta Benefits:

  • Work one-on-one with Aviv Ben-Yosef.
  • Receive a copy of The Tech Executive Operating System.
  • Tailoring the approach to your organization.
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