A Bad Apple Can’t Lead The Orchard

Developers are known for their cynicism and grumpiness. Sometimes, it’s even treated as a sign of merit–you’re not a real “senior developer” before you grow your get-off-my-lawn, that’s-never-gonna-work attitude. Yes, experience usually comes with a bit of pessimism – fewer deadlines missed, less over-committing. But that surely doesn’t mean you should accept bitterness and outright […]

Don’t Rush to the Keyboard

A client asked for my opinion regarding a need their team had, which could save them several hours of their top people, every month. This was a relatively simple and interesting problem to solve. It would’ve been easily accepted that this could be spun up as an internal tool by someone on the team very […]

Remember how you first learned to code?

Everyone can remember when they first learned how to code. Your first “Hello, world” was surely a memorable moment. And, for most of us, learning to code was structured, at least somewhat. Maybe it was all self-taught from a book, or a course, or a friend showing you some cool tricks. We usually start from […]